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During our inaugural event in October 2014, six professional women bravely revealed the personal challenges that have been the undercurrent of their careers and shaped who they are today. The evening of truth-telling and strategies offered constructive help to others facing adversity as they maneuver the pressures of professional life. Founder, Michelle Tenzyk shared her experiences in a keynote interview. Five other truth pioneers joined Susan Rocco of Women to Watch™ in a rich discussion that put names and faces to stories of illness, violence, emotional distress, and loss.

The Truth Behind Our Titles ® continues as a collective effort to share hope and find relief in conversation. Join in to be inspired by new approaches to “eliminating overwhelm” and realizing your unique potential.

Gail's Truth

My entire life, I have struggled with dual addictions to alcohol and food, driven by underlying clinical depression. I stopped drinking and became a recovering alcoholic in 1996, but “living to eat” is a much harder challenge to overcome.

Gail's #ShareYourTruth Advice

Sharing your truth only makes a difference if you also share what you've learned from the experience. Gail shares her advice on thriving as an executive professional.
  1. YOU FIRST. Women are nurturers and we put everyone else before ourselves: immediately reverse that paradigm. Take care of yourself first or you won’t be there for anyone else. Everything else just flows naturally from a beautiful person with a stellar attitude who loves themselves. They have an aura that is contagious.
  2. LIVE TO GIVE. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you can give back to the greater world. My mom taught me that “doing for others” is the key to happiness. Her caring, giving and love have built a great circle of friends and that is the core of a happy existence.
  3. CHARACTER COMES FROM ADVERSITY. If you are a half-glass-full person, it may sound counterintuitive to say “expect the worst;” but this is an important balance to maintain. Whenever I travel, I am prepared for things to not go as planned and look forward to seeing what new door opens when the plans don’t pan out, like an unexpected few hours of people watching in a remote airport. An avid gardener, I used to get so agitated when I put out my bird feeder and the squirrels took all the food. After years of trying to get rid of them I realized that I was getting more joy out of watching their antics than I was out of any of the bird visitors! So celebrate are the squirrels in YOUR life.
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