Hope is a powerful tool.

Hope is defined as:  “to expect with confidence, or to trust with anticipation.”  Do you have hope?

I often interact with professionals who share they have lost hope.  When I hear someone say, “I have no hope” or “My hope is gone” —  for whatever reason — it breaks my heart.

The loss of hope can take one to a dark and lonely place.  It can create despair even when the world offers abundance.

To me the loss of hope means you have stopped trusting yourself, your creator, and maybe, all the blessings of this world.  Loss of hope may also mean you have stopped seeking support.  You may believe no one can, or will, help you.  It may also mean you have bought into the myth that successful people don’t struggle.

When I witness that level of lost hope in a job search or a career situation, I want to cry.  That single shift  in thinking may lead one into a downward spiral.  Or it may end a valuable career.  The result is the world misses out on the value you have to offer.

Many in my field don’t want to discuss the issues related to loss of hope.  I believe it is time to start talking about this issue in a truthful manner.

Professionals know, yet sometimes forget, our careers and lives are journeys.  These journeys are not made alone.  Years ago, a mentor taught me:  “You don’t come into this world alone, you don’t succeed alone, and you don’t exit this world alone, unless that is your choice.”

Building a career, searching for your next position, and serving and leading organizations will have tough spots.  Yet, there are always those who will help and support you.

Yes, organizations, systems, individuals and sometimes you, create barriers to truthful communication, honestly and support.  It does exist.  It is part of the world and our current system.  However, we can change this if we speak the truth.

On Wednesday evening October 1, several delightful, confident and successful businesswomen (lead by Michelle Tenzyk, a Human Resource Professional I admire) will begin a conversation and launch a movement.  This is a movement I believe every professional should know about and watch.  The movement has been titled, “The Truth Behind Our Titles™.”

Why should all professionals know about it?

“The Truth Behind Our Titles™” begins a real conversation about the truth behind successful professionals.  I believe it will set the stage for new and different business conversations.  Conversations with the potential to shift the belief that professional success requires you to hide or disguise your inner struggles and difficulties.

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