The Truth Behind our Titles® is a global movement that aims to transform the conversations we have about the private challenges that affect our corporate lives – so we can find our own personal power, realize our unique potential and inspire other professional men and women to do the same.

Today, the stakes are greater than ever for high-achievers of all ages. For many, the pressure to be perfect, exceptionally productive and always on-call is overwhelming, unsustainable and can easily become too much to manage. Talking about this is taboo. But the truth is, we’re all far more than our titles – and we’re not alone. By breaking down barriers and creating a positive community to share hope and find relief, we can equip and elevate ourselves, and each other, with the tools, knowledge, and network we need to overcome challenges and ignite real growth. It’s going to take a collective, fearless effort to change the norm. But with your help, we believe it can be done – and so do many others. Our 2014 inaugural event in New York City inspired a panel of high-achieving professional women to lead by example: sharing their stories of illness, violence, emotional distress and loss – and how they overcame them. The impact was profound and incredibly powerful.

But this is just the beginning. We want all professional executives worldwide to participate, share their own stories, learn from others – and benefit from the fuller, richer life it leads to. This is the mission of The Truth Behind our Titles®.

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Michelle Tenzyk, Founder

President, East Tenth Group, Inc.

The woman who sparked the idea for The Truth Behind our Titles® is one whose very own life has been fraught with personal challenges. What she has bravely decided to share openly will take your breath away…in a moving and enlightening way. Michelle worked her way up the corporate ladder to executive strategic HR positions, working directly with CEOs to solve complex human capital challenges. At the same time, she was diagnosed with a serious, debilitating illness, one that often carries a tremendous social stigma. Not one to shy away from a difficulty, even one so personal, Michelle Tenzyk, President of East Tenth Group, demonstrates that our greatest difficulties can become the gifts that we should value and nurture. Michelle shares how her illness has fully informed her continued successes and her ability to deeply help those she serves.

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