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Sheryl’s Truth

Sheryl Sandberg’s openness about the recent loss of her husband resonated with our movement’s core intent. She could have put on a brave face and a smile, shielded the world from her reality and simply hid the pain. Instead, she inspired everyone by openly and honestly sharing her story. Sheryl’s willingness to so courageously open her heart to the…

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Gail’s Truth

EVP- Administration, Chugach Alaska Corporation

We are all flawed, and if we aren’t failing, we aren’t taking enough chances, stretching, or growing.

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Audry’s Truth

Executive HR Partner, Concern Worldwide

My story may be different, but how I felt – the struggle, disappointment, happiness, accomplishment – was the common thread that connected me to others.

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Lorry’s Truth

Licensed Psychologist and CEO, Western Youth Services

Let’s face it: Our work can consume every minute if we allow it. Schedule time to take care of YOU. The result is that you have the energy to take care of others.

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