Sheryl’s Truth

Sheryl SandbergSheryl Sandberg’s openness about the recent loss of her husband resonated with our movement’s core intent. She could have put on a brave face and a smile, shielded the world from her reality and simply hid the pain. Instead, she inspired everyone by openly and honestly sharing her story.

Sheryl’s willingness to so courageously open her heart to the entire world and share the pain and journey of so unexpectedly losing her husband, Dave, has empowered all of us to recognize the humanity and power of vulnerability. As we continue to encourage our readers to share their truths about the challenge or adversity that is part of your corporate journey, we are indebted to Sheryl for sharing hers.

Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg

Choose life and meaning. Rather than continue to mourn, Sheryl opened her heart to the world and shared the pain she felt over the loss of her husband. She did not hide behind it or use it as an excuse not to continue moving forward, but instead shared her pain with the world, thereby lessening it.

Speaking the truth helps more than platitudes. “Real empathy is sometimes not insisting that it will be okay but acknowledging that it is not.”

Ask for help. None of us can do it alone, but when we are always in the position of power or control, it is sometimes difficult to recognize or admit that we need others.

Be willing to be vulnerable. Address the elephant in the room. “Speaking openly replaced the fear of doing and saying the wrong thing.”

Be grateful. Recognize the gifts in your life – all of them – and be grateful for them. Don’t waste moments of your life not living fully.

Kick the shit out of option B. Sometimes, life will pull the rug out from under you and leave you with no Option A. When that happens, make the most of the options you do have.

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