Life today can be overwhelming, lonely and stressful. And when professional pressures collide with private struggles like illness, violence, emotional distress and loss, it can easily become all too much. Your performance at work suffers. (Often your reputation too.) Maybe you lose your job – you’ve almost certainly lost inner strength, resilience and hope. You feel ashamed you’re not managing it better, achieving more. And there’s no safe place to share your experience and seek support – so you keep it secret.

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The truth is…you’re not alone. In fact, you’re surrounded by high-achieving executives – and those on their way there – keeping the very same secrets. Those who have been brave enough to let down their guard about their life experiences and how these have affected their corporate jobs and journeys have found solutions, support and success. They’ve also discovered the fulfillment that comes with being an inspiration to other professional men and women, of all ages.

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    Michelle Tenzyk, Founder of The Truth Behind our Titles® and President of East Tenth Group, is one such truth pioneer. Diagnosed with a serious, debilitating illness, Michelle stepped up – bravely revealing the personal challenges that have impacted her professional life and inspiring other women at the top of their game to share their own stories, advice and support. Since then, many others have experienced the caring relationships, sense of relief, and power we each have to create change when we share what’s really going on. Life is fuller, more integrated and infinitely happier when we have this different kind of business conversation – about The Truth Behind our Titles®. Only then can our biggest struggles become the key to our greatest success.

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